Lilith Gilman

Lilith Gilman


I’m here to entertain you in your favorite pastime, whatever it may be, hopefully something fun for the both of us.

What do I look like? Typical blonde, blue-eyed beauty, with an Eastern-European look. I have a delicate frame, that is somewhat muscular abut still plenty feminine to the eye. My images look like me, even though when we meet, what you’ll see is someone whose essence cannot be fully captured in two dimensions. I have a gentle voice with a non-distinct accent and a gentle disposition.

I enjoy quiet nights in. I enjoy connections not to be missed, much like the dynamic between you and I, which I hope will unfold like magic, when we meet. And, I like adventure, the kind that can only be shared between two people, strange or familiar, reveling in each other’s presence and no one else’s, even if just briefly.

Hope that intro suffices. Adieu, hopefully, for now.

North Carolina Rates: 600/1st hr; 900/1st 1.5hrs; 1200/2hrs, longer engagements to be discussed.


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