Gabriella Mancini

Gabriella Mancini


Maybe you need a little stress relief to help break up that hectic, crazy work day?  Maybe that work day is long, boring and monotonous and you need some good laughs, and someone to get your heart rate up, a little sweat on the brow?  Maybe its a relaxed, laid back afternoon of fun before heading home for the night? Or Some charming, sexy company for dinner after a long crazy day?

Whatever it may be, you’re also looking for someone well established, discreet and reputable that you can put your trust in to protect your privacy while also making sure you have an amazing time!

If I’ve piqued your interest feel free to check me out, and to see if we’re a good fit for each other!  I’m based in Charlotte NC but I’m available to travel by special request throughout the Carolinas’, neighboring states, and beyond! See my website for details!

I’m also available for overnights and private trips.

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