Amaia X

Amaia X


I am…

A gloriously confident and assured introvert in my early 30s. I am very warm, natural and relaxed while being a slow burn. I’ve been described as both demure and animalistic, the difference between my public and private selves.


You are…

An intelligent, mature man who has honed your desires to a razor’s edge. You’re masculine, successful, with a ravening appetite under your workaday suit (or uniform!). Or perhaps you’re seeking a break from your everyday stress. You may seriously crave someone with good touch, a sense of comfort.

THIS is the connection you’ve been seeking—uncomplicated, with genuine affection and hidden substance.


The Possibilities 

In a world where fake reactions and false flattery are the norm, I prefer to step aside from that to live in the moment with you. I do not “perform.” (Some see my dedication to realism and lack of acting skills as a bad thing, but you’re a secure man who only sees it as a good thing.)


Email is ideal.


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